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Martial arts for Runesword
A Rune-Fu Martial Art

Creating an attack


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Creating Attacks

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Example: I will provide examples each step of the way with the creation of the Tsunami Strike, an attack involving a strike to the opponent's abdomen using both fists simultaneously.

1. Choose the skill level of the attack. This will also dictate the total damage possible for the attack. MaxDamage = SkillLevel * 15. The creator of the attack is free to use whatever means of delivering that damage, but is contstrained by the total damage that can be inflicted upon the opponent.
Example: I decide I want to create a new attack, Tsunami Stike to add to the Ru-Tang style. This attack will be learned upon reaching skill level 2 of Ru-Tang. That means that the opponent will recieve 5D4 of Blunt Damage.

2. Choose a Method. The Method of the attack can often be suggested by its name. Whirlwind Kick is fairly obvious. The Method can also be dictated by the method of the art. Each Rune-fu martial art must contain at least six attacks that have the same method of the art itself.
Example: As Ru-Tang is a Punch method art, Tsunami Strike will also be Delivered using the upper body. It is described as requiring both fists, a description somewhat dictated by Ru-Tang being a Punch method fighting style.

3. Choose the stance. Level 1 or 2 attacks use Earthly stances. Level 3 or 4 attacks use either Saintly or Earthly stances. Level 5 or 6 attacks can use One Mint stances. Attacks above level 6 often use Cestial stances.

4. Choose the style. If you are making a new attack for a specific martial art the attack is most likely to be the same. Creators are free to include 2 maneuvers in a martial art that are not of its style.

Tsunami Strike
Tsunami Strike will be a hard attack.
metod: Punch/Strike
Style: Hard
Damage: 5D4 Blunt
Stance: Still Water (+1, -1, 0)

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